Frequently Asked Questions


Can trans women submit to Monstering?

Of course!

What does Monstering consider to be a "disability"?

We recognize the range of disabilities that women and nonbinary people face, including—but not limited to—physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, and chronic illnesses. If you are confused as to whether or not your experiences fall under our definition of disability, we encourage you to contact us via email at

Is Monstering a religious publication? It appears to be steeped in some pretty religious imagery and language.

No! We as a publication do not possess any affiliations—religious, political, or otherwise. We encourage people of all worldviews to contribute.

Can I submit work that doesn't directly address disability?

Yes! We recognize that, in many cases, the lives of disabled women do not revolve around their disabilities.

Monstering seems to focus on oppression dealing solely with disability. Can I submit work on the intersection of disability and other social issues?

We recognize that disabled women and nonbinary people have their own unique struggles. Racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, religious intolerance, and other forms of oppression add to the complexity of the challenges that disabled women and nonbinary people already face. Thus, we encourage—and prefer—submissions that address the intersection of these issues.

Monstering's masthead seems to be predominantly white. Are you working to diversify your staff?

When our editor-in-chief first founded Monstering, she put out a call for people interested in helping her get a zine, or online magazine, up and running, welcoming anyone and everyone. Thus, everyone on the masthead is someone who expressed interest. However, now that Monstering has launched, we are actively looking for people who are LGBT+ and/or of color and/or from historically marginalized communities to join our team. Monstering is dedicated to upholding and uplifting diverse voices, and we intend to do everything we can to ensure that.