Disabled Women and Nonbinary People Celebrating Monsterhood

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As a #monster, you'll be a valued member of a small, tight-knit community of disabled women and nonbinary people. You'll get the chance to read and review submissions, contribute to the curation of blog content, spread the word of Monstering via social media, engage in conversation with both well-known and up-and-coming artists, and more! Above all, you'll be resisting erasure; you'll be centering voices that deserve to be heard, including your own; you'll be working to create a space for monsters to live, love, grow, and sing in.

Monstering is currently unable to pay its staff members. However, staff members are compensated with promotion via Monstering's social media channels.

Applications are open indefinitely, and are restricted to disabled women and nonbinary people. Priority will be given to black applicants, indigenous applicants, and applicants of color. We value creativity, innovation, commitment, passion, energy, and experience, but really, we're just looking for heart.

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Open Positions


The Director of Accessibility is responsible for overseeing the accessibility of Monstering publications.


  • Overseeing the management and upkeep of audio recordings and image descriptions, delegating as necessary
  • Working in conjunction with the Director of Web Design to oversee the maintenance of accessibility components
  • Engaging with Monstering's audience via surveys and polls to determine best accessibility practices


The Director of Web Design is responsible for overseeing the management and upkeep of Monstering's website and blog.


  • Overseeing and maintaining the upkeep of Monstering's website, delegating as necessary

  • Overseeing and maintaining the upkeep of Monstering's blog content; scheduling posts at the beginning of each reading period, working in conjunction with the Director of Social Media

  • Working in conjunction with the Director of Graphic Design


Content Curators

Content Curators are responsible for contributing to the curation of content for Monstering's blog.


  • Submitting (at least) one feature per month for review

  • Observing and adhering to deadlines set by the Editor-in-Chief, completing your contributions in a timely and professional manner

  • Revising your contributions alongside the Editor-in-Chief


Readers are responsible for reviewing and voting on submissions, as well as editing accepted pieces.


  • Reading, reviewing, and voting on (at least) five submissions per week
  • Carefully and thoroughly examining each individual piece
  • Critiquing and editing accepted work